Feature #1

Organize by Folder

Folers are a natural way to organize expenses. Create one for your household, your next weekend trip, a night out with friends, etc.

Feature #1

Add your Friends

Adding friends to a folder is easy, just use the address book. If you want to sync, remeber to include their email address.

Feature #3

Cloud Sync

Hands down one of the coolest features of SplitIt. Folder data is automatically sync'ed through the cloud to connected devices.

Feature #4

Realtime Tracking

Using SplitIt! there is no guessing on how much you have spent. You know exactly how much the trip is costing you and how much you owe / are owed.

Feature #5

Everyone Contributes

Rather than one person managing a complex spreadsheet, SplitIt allows each person to add their own set of expenses. It all syncs up!!

Feature #6

SplitIt! is Safe

SplitIt! uses 128-bit SSL communciation between your device and the server.


CozyRunner wrote,

"This app solves all of the problems that come along with splitting up bills. If you have friends who you consistently spend time with, just make a folder and keep adding bills every time you go out and grab dinner or drinks. Rather than spend 20 minutes trying to itemize what you owe, one person picks up the tab and it gets automatically divided between all parties. Love it."

ccsdt wrote,

We used SplitIt! for a weekend trip to Yosemite to divvy up expenses between 12 people. The app worked great. Some expenses were on a per car basis, while others needed to be itemized out ... Either way, SplitIt! handled it perfectly. The Square Up plans are good, but being able to customize them will be better.


CO Madre wrote,

"Great timesaver! Wish I had it 2 weeks ago when on a trip with friends. It makes life so much simpler. Did need to check my spam folder for verification code."

F easy wrote,

I have a roommate and we split all the bills every month. There is no app that would allow me to enter how much I've paid on a bill and how much I am owed, and vice versa. This app finally does that exact thing!!! If you split bills and need to keep track who owes who on what , this is the ONLY app as I've tried all others and they fail.